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Your adventure in flooring begins with the carpet

Choosing your next new floor covering should be an experience that excites you, and we’d love to put the excitement back into carpet for that reason. This material can be an exceptional addition to any home, with decorative varieties galore, durability that surpasses materials of yesteryear, and other benefits you’ll be happy to learn about. The truth is unless you have very specific needs that do not line up with this floor coverings characteristics, it could be the very best decision you’ll ever make.

You’ll find FloorMe! at our showroom in Nashua, NH along with a great variety of materials, products, and services that will make your flooring project a complete success. We’ve been assisting homeowners in the areas of Salem, Nashua, Andover, Lowell, Bedford, and Amherst, NH and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. To get your project started today, drop by and speak with one of our flooring associates. We’ll be happy to match you to your dream flooring.

Carpet flooring has been around for a long time, but only in recent years has it become popular and trendy again. It’s always had the same luxurious softness underfoot, and it’s always offered some of the most beautiful appearance options as well. However, these days, there’s so much more.
Luxury carpet in Salem, MA from FloorMe!
Take the issue of permanent stains for instance. While there are always certain substances, such as tar, that is almost impossible to remove from the carpet, the built-in stain-fighting protection found in some brand’s fibers will protect you from almost everything else. Spills will no longer soak into the fiber where it can become permanent, which also aids in alleviating the possibility of foul odors. Some brands even offer a guarantee against pet stains and odors. Regular wear is also kept to a minimum, as you find these floors nearly take care of themselves.

Other benefits that accompany carpet into your home include excellent heat retention, which is great for those chilly winter months, and noise reduction, a true blessing in homes with young children. You’ll see a change in your energy bills during your first winter with these new floors, and you’ll also have peace and quiet.

We strongly advise against attempting a DIY installation with carpet. Our professional installers come equipped with all the right tools and experience for the job.